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The artist behind Wild and Beautiful Art

Marine Biologist, Artist, Mom. These are just a few titles I've been able to hold in my life, all of which I am incredibly grateful for (: 

I never really considered pursuing art as a full-time job, but when my daughter was born I left my job as a research technician to be able to spend more time with my kids (and because daycare is wildly expensive, yay) so while spending all day with my kids, I threw myself into paintings at nights and focusing on building my artistic dreams and already feel like I have accomplished so much. 

So, Why Wild and Beautiful Art?? I actually got the name for my business from my graduation cap quote: wild, beautiful, and free just like the sea. This cap was one of the greatest labors of love and to this day is the piece that I think most accurately reflects who I am at my core. My two passions are painting and the ocean, and to have been able to work towards both of those dreams has been a blessing. 

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